Saturday, July 24, 2010

2010 Stampin' Up! Convention: Day 3

WHERE do I even begin???  Today was AWESOME!!!

I think I'm going to have to start with my favorite part of the day, which was dinner with Shelli Gardner, Brent Steele, and the other Artisan Award Winners.  There is just no way I can describe how incredible it was.  I wish I could just package up all the little details and moments and keep them forever so I never forget a thing.  I felt like a princess tonight.

We went to Cucina Toscano in downtown Salt Lake, and the table was beautifully set with handmade menus and place cards that coordinated with our original handmade invitations. 

Each of us received a personalized stamp that Brent Steele designed himself:

Isn't is beautiful?  As soon as I saw it, I just got all teary-eyed.  Seeing my name look so beautiful on something that was made just especially for me was overwhelming.  Even as I'm typing this I'm getting all teary-eyed again. This is making it more difficult to type... ok, I'm ok now.  :)  We all talked and got to know each other better, and Brent even asked us each to tell about ourselves. 

They were really surprised to learn that I studied Biostatistics in school!  haha, it still surprises me when I say it. Shelli and Brent were so kind and gracious.  They even let us each take a picture with them, the rockstars of Stampin' Up!

One of the things we got talking about at dinner was how personal artwork is.  As a fellow Artisan Winner said, it feels like your underwear is hanging out where everyone can see it! It is both so fun and scary at the same time to have my artwork on display in front of everyone.  It feels wonderful when I see people taking pictures of my work (I admit I found excuses to walk past my board a couple of extra times). 

Alrighty, on to the presentations!  We had tons of great project demonstrations in our classes today.  One of my favorites was the Halloween House presented by Brent Steele.  I didn't great a super fabulous picture of it, but here it is:
Don't you love all that glitter and bats with the new bat punch??

Here's another that I think I'm definitely going to have to make for my Halloween decor:
Can't you just see those pumpkins sitting on your front porch??? I was just going ga-ga over them.  :)

We had so many incredible project presentations today, it is just too hard for me to choose which ones to post, so I'm just going to upload them all, and you can pick your OWN favorites!  The only catch is, I want to know what you think!  So, don't forget to email me or leave me a comment!!  I am just dying to chat with my stampin' friends about all this fun stuff! You can click here to go to my online album.

Happy Stampin'!!!

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