Wednesday, July 22, 2009

What kind of Demonstrator are you?

Have you ever thought about becoming a Stampin’ Up! Demonstrator? Everyone has different reasons for purchasing the starter kit and becoming a demonstrator, and there certainly are lots of benefits to consider! Maybe one of these reasons describes you:

The Kit is such a great deal. You can recognize enormous savings when you see it, and the starter kit offers over $335 of products for over 40% off! There is no obligation to sell anything or buy anything beyond the starter kit and is a perfectly acceptable reason to sign up.

Hobby Demonstrator. Stamping is one of your favorite hobbies, and “bargain” is your middle name. You love the enormous savings on the starter kit, 30% off your first $150 order, and regular 20% off demonstrator discount, not to mention being able to pre-order products before they are available to regular customers, and being eligible to attend Demonstrator-only events such as Convention and upline meetings. This describes my original reason for purchasing the Starter kit and becoming a demonstrator.

Hybrid Demonstrator. You work a lot some months and a little other months to earn extra income for bills, the Holidays, or your favorite salon for a massage and pedicure. You enjoy the rewards that being a Stampin’ Up! demonstrator brings, but you don’t plan to make Stampin’ Up! a career.

Career Demonstrator. I started in the “Hobby Demonstrator” category, learned about the career potential, and moved to career demonstrator. I love attending Stampin’ Up! events, have close relationships with other demonstrators, and work at my business in a consistent and outgoing manner.

YOU decide which category fits you best. There is absolutely no obligation to sell or buy anything beyond the starter kit. There is no penalty to drop. The quarterly minimum is $300 in retail sales to remain an active demonstrator.

Stampin' Up! and I are here to help. Whether you would like to earn money to pay for your stamping supplies, create a full or part-time career . . . or simply want the discounts on your personal stamping projects, you are welcome in my group. My group, Stamptastic Creations, offers a community of Stampin' Up! demos who love to stamp and fit all these categories. You'll enjoy monthly group meetings, swaps, challenges and being up to the minute on the latest products and techniques.

How do I sign up and get instant benefits? Just call me: 801-403-9257 or email me:

NEW! Sign up online! Email me to get your password, and then CLICK HERE to join online 24/7!

When you order the Standard Starter Kit you SAVE 40% ($335 value) on supplies and get FREE Shipping. CLICK HERE to find out what’s included in the Starter Kit.

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